A Sentence a Day

Whoops, two weeks without a peep from me on here. Let me catch you up with my daily blurbs.

April 1: Tonight I went for coffee with Niall Doherty, who used to live in New Orleans and for the past few years has been traveling around the world without flying. For a second I thought my own travels were too easy, but then I thought, that’s ok. We talked about habits; his suggestion: Set the bar really low. This month I will write one sentence every day.

April 2: Met some girlfriends for dinner in the Quarter. Possibly my last ride on the St. Charles streetcar, at least for awhile. I tried to tune in to all the sights and smells of the Avenue.

April 3: Word has gotten out that I’m awesome at writing other people’s online dating profiles. Maybe this is my calling.

April 4: Sold all my furniture today. My apartment feels echoey and dirty. Slept on the air mattress and woke up on the floor.

April 5: Everything I own is now in my car. Even if I am making a huge mistake leaving NOLA (I don’t think I am), it’s kind of too late to turn back now.

April 6: Hit the road and made it to Atlanta in time for dinner. I always think a solo road trip is going to be so exhilarating, but it’s usually just kind of exhausting and boring. I spend a lot of energy trying to resist gummy bears and diet Pepsi.

April 7: Drove to a generic office park in a generic suburb to meet a client. I guess this is how a lot of the world lives, but it makes me feel bad about the world. In the evening I did online focus groups for a carpenters’ union; one respondent threatened another and I had to kick him out. It’s a lot easier online than in person.

April 8: Visited my new client, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, in western NC. It’s my first time on a reservation. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. They seemed excited, but the chief has to approve my proposal before I can start work.

April 9: Meeting up with my three dearest friends. We met when we were all in the Peace Corps together 17 (!!!) years ago. My mom says we act like war buddies when we’re together. I hope we’re still friends when we’re a hundred.

April 10: Jenny, Diane, and Ellie are my moral compass. I’m so lucky to have found such upstanding, ethical people to be my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

April 11: Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and talking about our respective mid-life crises. Even when I’m with them I feel all alone, empty and unneeded.

April 12: Long drive today. I stopped for breakfast in a tiny town near the Tennessee border. Wonder how my life would be different if I could be content living in a place like this.

April 13: Back in the house where I grew up. I don’t mind. I ran around DC all day, meeting with clients and trying to drum up some new work. I love it when I’m doing it, but at the end of the day I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

April 14: Cold and rainy day. I don’t miss New Orleans but I do miss being warm. By 2:00 I was climbing the walls, so I went to my favorite coffee shop and worked there for a few hours.

April 15: My mom introduced me to a show called American Crime, and I binge-watched all 6 episodes. Motivation to work/ seek out new work is pretty low. Maybe I should think again about taking a sabbatical.


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