Going Stuff-less

I’m back in New Orleans, where I have a little apartment that’s served as a home base for the past two years. I’ve finally decided to give it up AND to free myself of (almost) all the stuff that’s in it: books and papers and dishes and furniture and assorted flotsam and jetsam. This is harder than I thought, especially the flotsam and jetsam. Yesterday a girl offered me $5 for a bracelet I bought in India, but something about the look on my face made her double back and insist that I keep the bracelet. Here’s what I’ve done so far, though:

1. Brought three bags of clothes to Buffalo Exchange. You do better here exchanging clothes for store credit, but I managed to get $27 cash.

2. Sold my desk, dresser, and a bookshelf on Craigslist. I’m not too keen on having a million Craigslist strangers in my house, but the first guy who came to buy my dresser ended up walking out with $130 worth of stuff, including a Scrabble board and a box of random cards and gift wrap.

3. Sold some books at Blue Cyprus Books, my favorite used book store. I have to walk in with blinders on or else I will negate the whole “cleaning off the bookshelf” thing.

4. Offered a free bottle of wine with every $20 purchase. Someone I knew vaguely came over to buy some storage boxes, and I managed to offload all the red wine I can’t drink (migraines) that I had gotten as Christmas gifts. WIN.

5. Met a Nigerian nun in a parking lot. Mary runs an online business selling used textbooks, and she was happy to take Latent Variable Models and a few other best-sellers off my hands.

Net earnings so far: $387


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