Four Really Simple Things I Want out of Life

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it, as I am want to do, and just came across it while perusing my journal.

1) Heal and care for my body and soul

2) Find a project that really excites me

3) Help someone

4) Connect with people who get and support me

I’m just realizing that I might be able to NOT WORK, or at least not work much, on my upcoming trip, so it seems like just the time to pursue these four simple (but lofty!) goals. The problem is…I feel stuck and overwhelmed just looking at this list– especially #2. I don’t even know where to begin. Friends say to just “let the ideas come when they come,” which is comforting advice, but I’m afraid that a year from now, no ideas will have come.

Any words of wisdom out there?


2 thoughts on “Four Really Simple Things I Want out of Life

  1. Finding something that excites you can be so difficult. I mean, if you don’t feel for something, you just don’t. A few years ago when I moved to Japan, I had been so incredibly focussed on the move and saving ever cent that when I actually got there, I felt lost and unfocussed.

    Maybe a project finding project could work – trying something new every week or every month until you get really hooked on something.

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