Photo Friday: Uruguay es Natural

I got to Uruguay last week and have been hanging out in a tiny town called Punta del Diablo, about 5 hours up the coast from Montevideo. It’s such a nice change after the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires.

2015-03-02 10.38.08

I usually go to the beach first thing in the morning, and the other day this little guy was hanging out with me.

2015-03-03 09.42.38

I love watching what looks like pure joy in dogs. It made me miss Nola, the little dog I had for 6 years before finally giving her to a friend last summer. It was a tough decision, but I knew I couldn’t stay put and it was hard for me to keep shuffling her around. I know she’s happier now, but watching this dog run on the beach made me realize how much I love being around pups. I’m going back to Michigan in a few months, and I know I’ll see little Nola– but somehow that makes me a little sadder, just knowing that I couldn’t make it work with a nomadic life + dog.




2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Uruguay es Natural

  1. It’s hard to leave your dog behind. I live with my sister and she had a beagle. We went to Japan for 3 months and had to leave her behind and my sister pined the whole time! Australia has such strict quarantine though, 3 months. You can visit them but the facility is in the middle of nowhere.

  2. It’s really hard. I am 100% sure, though, that Nola is much happier with my friend in Detroit, playing in the snow and living in a house with other dog and cat siblings, than she would have been flying around the world with me and inevitably spending time in quarantine facilities.

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