Change is in the Air

I’ve been doing a little bit of soul searching (I had a five hour bus ride yesterday…prime  time for a soul search) and wondering if I really want to keep doing research. I love my work, usually, but lately I’ve been feeling kind of burnt out and exhausted by it. A lot of my clients are hard-driving agency folks from NYC, who expect everything immediately and like to have a lot of phone calls. Right now, I’m in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, where the wifi is sloooowwww– not a situation conducive to making “urgent” phone calls or, for that matter, responding to email instantaneously.

So I’ve been thinking about other possible income streams. Here’s my list so far:

1. Keep doing research, but do less. Set more boundaries with clients. Work slower. Refuse meetings. Take on less demanding clients. (I’m doing a pro bono project right now for  guy in Wisconsin who is TOTALLY FINE if I don’t answer his emails for 24 hours.)

2. Keep Air Bnb’ing my New Orleans place. This has been an AWESOME source of income on this trip. Or…build a tiny house, move it to Florida, and Air Bnb that.

3. Write a “survey research for dummies” book. This idea doesn’t really thrill me, though.

4. Revamp my “questionnaire design boot camp” class on Skillshare. This makes me money while I sleep, but not much money.

5. Be a Beachbody coach. Someone I knew suggested this to me once; it’s kind of a pyramid scheme, but could be an easy few bucks.

6. Turn this blog into a money-making machine. How, though??

7. Write a “how to be a digital nomad” book. Too bad 8,000,000 other people have already done this.

8. Write a hilarious, profound, only slightly embellished account of my travels. Surely someone would pay to read it.

9. Do a webinar or workshop (about what? Survey design? How to be a digital nomad?).

10. Develop a (research related?) product and sell it.

Any more ideas, readers? What can this tired old gal do to earn a few bucks?


7 thoughts on “Change is in the Air

  1. Is it possible to put some kind of service level agreement into any new contracts you enter? So if they want that level of contact with you, they pay a premium for it. Otherwise, if they want to continue working with you at the same price, you set a limit on times and availability for support.

    The making a living thing is hard! I’m making decent money at the moment but I want to diversify at the moment so I have more security. There are so many travel blogs around, I think to make money, you either have to be in an untapped niche or be very location-specific. I mean, how many articles on saving money by couchsurfing do people need!

    1. Thanks Kathryn. I like the idea of boundaries…I just have trouble setting them. I definitely don’t think travel blogging is for me– but maybe something else is…How are you making money these days?

      1. My sole source of income atm is through fiction writing. Self published but I have diversified in that I am now selling through most outlets not just Amazon. Amazon are notorious for implementing huge business changes for self-publishers with no notice!

        I’m earning enough to cover my living expenses and my travel for the rest of the year (if, for some reason, I earn nothing more I’m still covered). I’ve actually booked flights and accommodation up until the end of August! But it is hard work, not just the writing but constantly having to be on top of what’s happening in the market.

        I’ve been looking into travel blogging lately but it seems that the return on the work put in isn’t that great although there are perks like sponsored trips. It does seem like a very cliquey group though and the way into the clique is to pay for courses. Tbh I think the main way people make money blogging is by telling other people how to make money.

  2. Definitely plan on not working during your trip. Take that time to do more soul searching. I think #1 is highly doable if you can develop the ability to say no and set those boundaries. Stay away from all of those listed that make you feel icky.

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