I Want to Give up this Blog for Lent

I wish I hadn’t promised to blog for 30 days. I am absolutely stuck on things to write about. So I’m just going to share a few little anecdotes from my week.

1.  I successfully manage to give directions. I get asked for directions ALL the time. It doesn’t matter where I am or if I know my own way around– at least once a week, someone asks me for help. My mom says it’s because I look non-threatening. Anyway, I usually can’t help people, but today, someone was DEFINITELY going the wrong way, and I told her so.

2. I am a linguistic superhero. I speak enough Portuguese to be dangerous; it definitely adds a little flavor to my Spanish, and not always in a good way. But last night, I was at a tango event with a ton of Brazilians, and one of them was asking the hostess for the “lixo” (trash). While Portuguese and Spanish have a lot of cognates, this isn’t one of them; trash in Spanish is “basura.” I stepped in and saved the day, to everyone’s amazement.

3.  I fear that I will have to deliver a baby on a street corner in Spanish. On Sunday afternoon, I was walking home and it was HOT. I saw a hugely pregnant woman standing in the middle of the block clutching her belly– and no other people in any direction. Despite my aforementioned heroics, I was NOT confident about my ability to help her. I asked if she was ok, but I think it was pretty obvious to her that she had BETTER be ok, because I was not the one she wanted helping her. (She was ok.)

Well, that wasn’t so bad. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about things that HAVEN’T happened to me.


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