Why I’m Staying in Argentina a Little Longer

I’m not quite sure why I feel so at home here, but I do. Here are just a few of the things I love about Buenos Aires…

1. Old men drinking espresso and having intense conversations in cool places like this:

bar plaza dorrego

2. People reading everywhere. This is a super literary city, and while you do see people on their phones on the subway, just as many are poring over books or newspapers. I just love knowing I’m not the only one who can’t put my book down.

3. DOGS. I miss my little Nola pup so much, but this is a city of dogs– and dog walkers!


4. Food. I mean come ON!!!


5. Beauty everywhere. Beautiful people, beautiful architecture…I even loved this tile in a subway station:

2015-02-15 09.59.01

6. ‘Nuff said.

2015-02-17 17.09.00



5 thoughts on “Why I’m Staying in Argentina a Little Longer

  1. Awesome photo improvements. It’s nice to see them bigger, too! I want to live in #1. Do you ever turn your phone for horizontal shots? I see a lot of vertical, so just askin’! xo

  2. Tickle my mitten! Till the 15th. I have a new place in BA now (#3), and then I’ll find something else when I head to Uruguay on Friday. London is on hold, but Miami in April is looking likely!

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