Argentina is a Pain in My Ass

I mentioned a few weeks ago that some things are a huge pain in the ass here in Argentina. There’s the cell phone situation. As in many places, phones are “pre-paid,” which means you have to decide how much credit you want and then pay for it. It runs out sometimes, often in the middle of a phone call, because I’m not in the habit of tracking my usage. Then I have to go to a “kiosko” and add credit. Theoretically this should not be hard—kioskos are everywhere—but sometimes it’s raining or I’ve just moved to a new apartment and don’t know where the closest one is, or I get there and there’s a huge line, or the machine won’t take my bills because they’re too new or too old or too something….

There’s the subway card. It’s super convenient to use, but not really to charge. Not every station has a booth. You can charge them at lots of “kioskos” and stores around town, but again…where’s the closest one? Is it open? Is there a massive line? Will the machine take my money? You get the picture.

Or the fact that 2 lights are out in my apartment and I’m about to start an international incident trying to get the super to fix them, or that this museum I’m dying to go to hasn’t updated their website since 2011 and never answers the phone.

So this is a hassle. But still, I’m staying down here for a little longer. More on that tomorrow.


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