Gear Here: 5 things I would never travel without

Travelers are obsessed with gear, and I’m no exception. I love my Minaal backpack and my folding yoga mat and my hanging toiletry bag (and the 5 ziplock bags I always have with me), and I REALLY love my Macbook Air, but if I had to grab 5 things and make a run for it, I would choose…

top 5

Unlocked smart phone: Of course it’s great to have my laptop and iPad, but an unlocked phone with a local SIM card gives me more options (if the wifi goes out, I can still send an email) and is a lot easier to carry. I’ve rarely had to do real work on my phone, but if it was a Sophie’s Choice moment, the phone would probably beat the laptop.

Messenger bag: I am a big fan of this bag from Brooklyn Industries. It’s big enough for my laptop but small enough to conceivably double as a purse. A lot of people travel with a daypack, but I’m just a lot more comfortable carrying this. It’s small, which keeps me from packing too much stuff, and mine is kind of old and dirty and ripped, which I think gives the impression that there’s not much of value in it.

Kindle: After I just went on and on about how my phone does everything, I have to say, this Kindle has changed my life. I got it when I realized that reading on my iPad gave me insomnia. I got this adorable case which makes it a bit bigger, but I’m more comfortable that when I break out my “composition book” in public people won’t be like “LOOK AT THAT GIRL WITH THE EXPENSIVE ELECTRONIC!!!”

Running shoes: I wrote about my nomad gym last week, and I love having all that stuff, but if the house was on fire, I’d just grab my kicks and figure it out.

Sarong: I also have a great travel towel from REI, but this is a bit more multi-purpose. I’ve used it as a skirt, a dress, a scarf, and a shoulder-coverer, as well as a towel and, in a pinch, a sheet.

Hmm. It was pretty inspiring to write this. Maybe I’ll try taking a trip with just these things and see how it goes.

What would you never leave home without?


2 thoughts on “Gear Here: 5 things I would never travel without

  1. My galaxy tablet for sure. When I travel, it’s my entire world – all my travel arrangements, research, books, music. I just wish I’d got one that had full internet capability instead of just wifi but then I have a small, unlocked phone that I can use as a hotspot + back up for all the above. If I could get a decent, lightweight keyboard for it, I’d be set.

    I’ve got a few smaller bags and usually take one of those when I’m travelling. Last trip I flew Easyjet a bit and needed a bag that I could slip into my carry on or a duty free bag because of their one bag policy. Agreed that bigger day bags just mean carrying more stuff. I’m always looking for the perfect bag but fear it doesn’t exist.
    And my Hot Chocolate shoes – I have super crazy feet and get blisters wearing even old lady comfort shoes then I found this guys and their shoes are magic. I can walk kilometres/miles a day without any issue and they are so cute plus so light to pack.

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