You can have anything you want…

…but you can’t have everything you want.

My mom used to say this all the time, and I see the truth in it every day. Yesterday I moved from one apartment in Buenos Aires to another one a few miles away. Both were great in their own ways, but I’m starting to think that with my budget, I might never have the perfect apartment.

The first apartment was big! It had a living room with a separate kitchen, a good sized bedroom, and a MASSIVE terrace that became my gym/ dining room/ lounge area. The new apartment is tiny; I think it used to be a hotel room.

The first apartment was in an old building. This meant that the elevator, while quaint (with two manual doors and enough space for three skinny people or two fat people), was sloooooow, and the power in the building went out a few times.  The new place is much more modern, with a sleek kitchen, 24-hour security, and a Starbucks downstairs.

The first apartment was super close to a subway stop– but on a line that is under construction, and closed at 1pm on Saturday and all day Sunday. The new apartment is a little farther from the train, but near a line that runs all the time.

The first apartment had really sweet neighbors. The new apartment has a gym and a pool. The first apartment had a super-comfortable couch, but I would have had to pay extra for TV; the new apartment has TV (great for Spanish practice) but the couch is lumpy and horrible (she said, while sitting on it….). I could go on and on. Life is about trade-offs, deciding what’s important to you, and, usually, recognizing that nothing has to be permanent.


2 thoughts on “You can have anything you want…

  1. I think travel really brings that out too. When you’re at home, you can get into a rut but once you start even thinking about travel, the number of possibilities can be overwhelming. Not just the big decisions like where to go when you have the whole world to pick from but the small decisions. At home, I’m happy to spend weekends at home doing nothing but when I travel, I feel like I should do something! Even when I lived in Japan for a year, I never got over that.

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