The Glamorous Daily Life of a Digital Nomad

Sometimes people are curious about what my day to day life is like, and I have to break it to them: It’s not that different from yours, except some things are a bigger pain in the ass.

Today I got up. I had a cup of coffee. I did a workout DVD, took a shower, and made breakfast (oatmeal and eggs).

Then I had to get some cash. Because of the crazy inflation situation in Argentina, the “official” exchange rate is about 8 pesos to a dollar. When I’ve sold dollars to Argentine friends, or changed them in semi-legal “cuevas” (this means cave, but it’s not really that scary; mine is in the back of a shoe store), I’ve gotten a rate of 13 peso to a dollar. Since I ran out of dollars, I used to send myself money ( in pesos) from my US bank account. This is really easy and it only took a day or two for the money to arrive, but since I was a little nervous about roaming the city with all that cash on me, I figured out which Xoom location was the safest– unfortunately, it’s about a half-hour walk/bus ride away (and a 15 minute cab ride home).

So now we’re at about 11AM– time to work, since the east coast is waking up and clients are sending me requests for proposals, additional data runs, and my input on interpretations. I Skype with a PR agency in DC and a pharma company in New Jersey, make a salad for lunch,  and draft a survey about New Year’s Resolutions.

After lunch, I do a few more errands: grocery store, hardware store, and three different farmacias to find some really overpriced solution for my contacts. Then it’s back to work for a few more hours; at 8pm, it’s only 3 in California and clients want to hear from me.

Sometimes I do other things, like my laundry. I go to yoga and take long walks, I meet up with friends, I have lessons with my Spanish tutor. It’s very glamorous.

I don’t mean to bum you out with how boring my life is–  but it’s true that no matter how exciting or beautiful the place you’re living in, you are always going to have to figure out how to keep up with the stuff of daily life.


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