2014-11-29 15.42.39I’ve been thinking a lot about vices and how they can hold you back. (I once turned down a camping trip because I was afraid there wouldn’t be coffee.)

Some of mine aren’t so healthy, like overdoing it with coffee and food. Others are part-time vices that I don’t worry about, like wine. But I have a whole list of healthy vices, all of which really delight me: good sleep, good workouts, yoga, and READING. I read 52 books in 2014, and I’m trying for a repeat performance this year, although right now I’m getting slowed down by reading a lot in Spanish.

On Saturday I completely lost myself in a book and it was awesome (getting lost, not the book, although the book was pretty good). I love getting so engrossed in a story that I lose track of time. It can be such a relief to check out of real life for a little while. I always come up for air eventually, and am usually much more engaged with the world after a little binge-reading.

(And, for travel, my Kindle Paperwhite is amazing– a far cry from my pre-Kindle Peace Corps days, where I used half my luggage allowance on books and hoarded them like some weird literary chipmunk.)


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