Who I am and Why I’m Here!

Six years ago I left a great job and cute apartment in NYC to work for myself and gallivant around the world. I have tons of adventures and, um, “learning experiences” that no one ever hears about– which is why I want to start this blog.

There’s a whole community of location independent digital nomads, and a lot of them have blogs. I haven’t really found myself in any of their writings, though; while most of them seem to sell snake oil and other mysterious products from the beach, I have a very client-oriented business and have to structure my travels around that (or else I would starve. Thank you, clients.). I not-so-secretly hope that writing this will connect me with other people who live and work the way I do.

I’m constantly grappling with this idea of being free and “untethered.” I like being unburdened by material possessions, addiction, and time-wasters. But sometimes I take it too far and end up without the relationships or routines that make me feel grounded as I drift around. A lot of my writing reflects my struggles with freedom: figuring out what it is to me and how I can get it in just the right dose.


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